Love like that!

Okay so this is my very first blog post!!! Haha I'm so excited =)..Just a little intro, my name is Savannah-I journal just about every day, and I have been writing some pretty awesome stuff and decided to blog some of it to share with everyone!

Here goes =)..so last night I pulled out my message bible and got an amazing word! It's in Ephesians chapter 5, and it states: "He didn't love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself TO us. Love like that." And then in scripture, Ephesians 5:2 says "I will walk in love."

What I got from this was that the word "love" is used so much in our society..but I feel like no one really knows quite what love is, or how to love for that matter. Jesus loved fiercely. He wasn't trying to satisfy himself by doing it, he was doing it for us! His whole life was for us, he DIED for us! That's some amazing love..I want to love like that! I think that when you put yourself aside, your flesh aside, and really try to see people through His eyes-that's when the love starts to flow. It's not always easy, but the bible says we are to "love our neighbors as we love ourselves" (Mark 12:31) and as much as we live our lives for ourselves I would say we love ourselves a lot..so where is the love for our neighbors? I challenge you to reassess how you treat people, whether it be out loud or even in thoughts..Even though the people may not hear them, God does-and He ultimately is the one who judges.
So praise the Lord that the past is the past, and today is a new day! Live it to the fullest and love fiercely! We are ALL His children, and everyone has a different story-we just don't take the time to hear it. You never know what someone may have gone through a year ago, or maybe even yesterday. Let's make 2010 an incredible year, and try to be more like Jesus =)

Until next time, LOVE LOVE



  1. Oh my dear! THat brought tears to my eyes! I'm so excited to see how God is going to use your words and experiences to reach out to the lost & hurting! Praise God! Love you! Sue

  2. woooooooow! i like it ;D love you SISIE!!!!!!!! <3

  3. Wow!! Jesus has anounted you BIG TIME... XOXO, Michael