Out of these ashes beauty will rise!

Out of any circumstance there can come beauty.
A diamond in the rough just waiting to be picked up-
Waiting for someone to notice it's beauty..
To be dusted off and be something of importance
To be valued and seen as precious..
Not just another rock

We spend our time searching for that special feeling
Looking side to side to others for the feeling of importance, acceptance-
Wanting to know that we are valued and beautiful..
But it's strangly unsatisfying.
In the worlds standards we are never good enough,
And our flesh is never satisfied.

All we ever had to do was look up
HE knows every detail-
He knows the good, and the bad
And yet He accepts us and values us
He holds us in His right hand as diamonds and says:
"You're beautiful, you are like nothing else I have
EVER created, you are precious and beautiful
you are my BELOVED."

That's what was put on my heart today..I feel like it's always so hard to grasp the fact that no matter what, that is how God looks at us, as precious diamonds. I wish more people could grab on to that, especially women. In this world it is SO hard to be a woman, always feeling compared as well as comparing ourselves. But we are so unique, all so different and beautiful..He is the one who makes us beautiful, the one who paid the price for our beauty and we need to see ourselves as He sees us!

I challenge us all to pick something that we like about ourselves and amidst all of the negativity, focus on that today.

Beautifully His,


  1. Glad you are blogging again.

    I am doing just that too......finding the beauty in the little things and being kinder to myself.....love ya!!

  2. Oh just love that! So glad you took time to share - WE ALL NEED TO HEAR IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN to counter all the negativity that is thrown our way, including our own! Keep sharing! God bless you!