To start out, a couple years ago I listened to a sermon by Myles Munroe and was completely blown away.  It spoke to me so much that my second tattoo was inspired by it.."Die Empty."  So yesterday I had an encounter with a guy that came into my work and we started talking and I later told him about my tattoo. I told him he HAD to listen to the sermon, and how amazing it was.  (On a side note, the Lord is calling me to move down to Ventura, CA to help plant the City Church down there-and will be leaving in about 12 days-so during the moving process my things are sort of everywhere ha!)  So when I told him I would try and find the CD I didn't really have any clue where it was and I put finding it on the back burner of my priorities.  Well it's funny because sometimes YOUR priorities are not at all in allignment with Gods priorities.  So I was going through some clothes last night and getting rid of a couple boxes of random junk and found a CD case of this "Tao" relaxation music.  I was going to throw it away and went to check if there was anything  in it first and there it was; the 2006 GC Gathering CD of Myles Munroes sermon.  Talk about the Lord showing me my priorities.  So I listened to it this morning at work, and WOW is all I can say..it is SO powerful. 

There was one main thing God spoke to me and wanted me to share.  Myles talks about potential, and how we are all seeds and IN us is the potential of a forest.  He put everything inside of us, that is where our future lies.  Books that we are supposed to write, or businesses we are meant to start, dreams and ideas that are meant to be!  And in order for that seed to come out we need to be in an environment that helps our seed to grow.  Can a seed grow in a glass of alcohol?  No!!  It will corrode the seed and it will never have a chance to become the forest it had the POTENTIAL to be!!!!  Or in a bag of bacteria?  The bacteria will feed on the seed and kill it!  If we put ourselves around people that satan places in our lives to corrode our seed then it will never become that forest!  Satan kills seeds.  He wants to get to us before we unleash any of our potential, our "forest".  He goes after the YOUTH because it is easier for him to destroy a seed before it starts to grow.  He's afraid of what you are carrying in your seed, he knows that it's something great. 

In Ephesians 3:20 it states: "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to HIS POWER THAT IS AT WORK WITHIN US."  HIS power is in us, Galations 2:20 says "Christ who lives in me." We have SO much potential in us and I for one want to Die Empty.  I came on this Earth fully loaded with words that need to be spoken and people that need to be touched and I want to go to my grave an empty shell.  Satan will not stand in the way of my seed growing into a forest and I pray that for all of your seeds as well..

Is your seed in a glass surrounded by bacteria corroding it, or a bed of dirt with people to water it and watch it grow? 

Unleashing my potential and growing my seed day by day,
Savannah (=


  1. AWESOME!!!! Such a great message and something WE ALL NEED TO HEAR!! Keep it up my girl! You are God's messenger - Amen!
    sue & mike

  2. Great message Savannah! I can't wait to see you more often. we WILL talk on the phone ...lol.....:) I love you sweet girl!!