HE will fight. You need only to be still.

SO sorry that I have not blogged more! It has been a crazy past couple of weeks and God has been doing some amazing things. I finally have had a second to get to a computer and share some stuff. To start out, I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that this is where I am supposed to be. He has some big plans for me, ad has shown me that every little thing He has put inside of me is there for this exact purpose. I have met amazing people already, and built relationships in the past two weeks that I have been searching for my whole life. He took me through trials and tribulations before this new season to prepare me. I learned how to be a best friend, and how to love on girls rather than pick them a part. I learned what I need in a husband, and until then to rely on God. I learned a lot of things, and still am day by day. He is building me up as His warrior-and I couldn't feel more at home.

City Church Ventura is growing beautifully, and I know that the Lord is really moving throughout this city. In addition to the growth and radical movements of Gods glory in Ventura, Melissa (my twin/destined best friend) and I have been along side with a non profit organization in LA called the Dream Center. (For more information on it go to www.dreamcenter.org .)

I REALLY want to add more, and have SOOOO much more to say but am running out the door to work with Red Eye ( a branch of the Dream Center) tonight (Halloween) in LA. We will be encountering a lot of spiritual warfare and will need your covering and prayers. I will be posting our experience later so stay tuned.

Walking with His armor at all times,


  1. Praise Jesus!! KNOW that God is using you to further His Kingdom on this earth and because of that, you WILL encounter opposition from your enemy! I will be your prayer warrior (Michael & I together) to keep coverings over you and the blood of Jesus to protect you and all those you are working with. So awesome to see you walking out your faith and passion and am so excited to hear more! LOVES LOVES LOVES!!
    Sue & Michael (your "mama & papa")

  2. My twin haha i love it i miss that