No limitations!

Hello everyone!! I'm officially a California girl! I'm about an hour out of Ventura (=! I had my devotionals this morning with the Lord and felt like I needed to share. As we headed out this morning everything finally set in. I realized really how much I am stepping out of my boat, and trusting that the Lord will provide EVERYTHING I need! Exciting but also a bit scary, these are the times I believe that really build your faith!

So this is what I was given this morning:
"Chosen child ! I pray that you will be given dreams beyond your comprehension, and that you will have the faith to see them through. May you never put the Lord your God in a box. May you truly know that nothing is impossible with Him it you are faithful. I pray that He will use you to do things
that you could never imagine , and that you will take the first step toward greatness by giving your loving father everything you have to give. May all of your adventures with Him be blessed."

Talk about exactly what I needed to hear! I am so thankful for the iPhone that allows me to post anywhere that I am! I'm believing that if this blog is a part of my ministry that God is going to bless me with a working laptop! Maybe a Mac Lord? (=! Like this says, never put God in s box! He is SO much bigger than we can imagine! So I'm taking the step out, and giving Him everything I have to give..And I can't wait to see what this new journey beholds!

Knowing His ways are far beyond anything I could imagine (Isaiah 55:48),

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  1. YES!! So glad you are posting on a regular basis! You are going through such an amazing experience in your obedience to follow God and it needs to be shared with others so they learn by it! Abraham obeyed God when He told him to pack up his family and leave his home to go a land land unknown to him and God greatly blessed him in his obedience, so He will bless you too! Love you so much and miss you already! sniff sniff...